Painting your old mailbox is a great family activity and can be a great way to improve the front of your home. It can seem like a chore, but it’s a pretty easy project. Follow the 10 steps below to make your mailbox as good as new!

  1. Remove the mailbox from the wall or post. It’s going to be screwed in. Always make sure to take the screws out and put them in a plastic zip bag to make sure that you don’t lose them. If you have an issue with removing the mailbox, you’ll need to cover the post and/or surrounding area with painter's tape.
  2. Remove as many parts from the mailbox as possible otherwise you’ll need to cover them with tape so that the paint does not get on them
  3. An all-purpose cleaner should be used to remove all the excess dirt and grit.
  4. After you have removed the dirt and grit, rinse off your mailbox with water and let it dry
  5. Inspect the mailbox for any excess dust or mold. You’ll then want to remove any rust or other imperfections as best you can to make the mailbox look as good as new. Usually, something like steel wool works well to remove the excess imperfections. It’s important to wipe away any excess residue with a cloth. Otherwise, you’ll have dust particles that will leave little marks that you paint over.
  6. When you are ready to begin painting select a large outdoor area that has plenty of space to work in. You don’t want to place the mailbox close to trees or any other area where debris can fall on your space while you are painting. Prep your area with a tarp or other material that you are okay with getting excess paint on.
  7. After you have set up your area it’s important to apply a primer to your mailbox. Any color primer will work, but often we find that a neutral gray color works best. If you are not able to remove the flag from the mailbox you’ll have to carefully work around it.
  8. Once the primer dries, you can apply the first coat of spray paint. Hold the can anywhere from 5 to 10 inches from the mailbox. Paint the mailbox with the flap closed and once with the flap open. Let the paint dry before applying any additional layers.
  9. After you have finished painting the mailbox, you’ll want to paint all the accessories you removed such as latches, bolts, flags, etc.
  10. Once all the paint has dried, then reattach all parts and you have a mailbox that looks like it’s brand new!